Friday, 10 May 2013

Dyeing workshop for Groundwork Nottingham.

I know I've done workshops in a variety of venues but this is my latest!

In April, I did 2 dyeing workshops for Groundwork Nottingham at the Windmill Community gardens.
It was challenging having no electricity and running water so as it was a Natural Dyeing workshop we went 'au naturel' in the polytunnel.

It was great fun and we even fitted in some spindling and pegloom weaving.  It did turn into a bit of a steam bath, as the weather was glorious outside, but at least I got a good facial!

The Windmill Community Garden is a great place to visit with lots of hands on activities. They had discovered Weld growing on their patch, so that's what we worked with.  We used some blue dye to represent Woad and made our own varigated Lincoln green skeins.

Wearing my favourite apron of course.

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