Monday, 15 November 2010

I've created a monster!

I thought I was the one with a serious all things fibre-related.  I have collected a stash that seems to reproduce on its own, including fleece that keeps arriving in the post...don't know how that happens. Oh , and my spinning wheels have names and feel like family members as they recline in various places around the house.

Anyway, the monster part. My hubby is always supportive, even when he thinks I'm being a bit weird.  He decided to make me a spindle.  This was before I even got to the wheels.  It was a CD spindle and I loved it. Spurred on by my enthusiasm, he decided to make me a better one. It was a 2CD spindle!  Then, one day, he vanished into the garage and presented me with a wooden spindle with a whorl created using his electric drill...don't ask because I don't know how.
The early spindles
Well, I introduced him to a few websites didn't I.  Long story short, he now has  toys: a woodturning lathe, a bandsaw, a pillardrill and  his 'stash' seems to grow quicker than mine. Some even arrived in a big white van yesterday.
The good part is he is now producing lots of lovely toys for me to play with. Last night I was test driving the newest addition and I think my wheels are feeling neglected.
The down side is he seems to be moving into the garage..sorry..workshop. Some people would say that's not a downside.

Just need him to focus on that drumcarder now

Friday, 17 September 2010


Welcome to Forest Crafters.  We are a husband and wife team based in Nottinghamshire who are enthusiastic handcrafters.

Currently we are producing wool and fibre related handcrafts as well as hand turned woodwork.

Our range includes hand spun yarn, created from hand washed, dyed and processed British fleece including Rare Breeds, the majority of which is locally sourced. Someof the fibre is hand dyed in small batches using natural ingredients from our garden or kitchen.  Some of this yarn is used with commercial fibres to make felted creations including bags.

We are also designing and creating fibre related tools including: wooden turned nostepinnes, spindles, spinning wheel orifice hooks, weaving stick kits, peg loom weaving kits and shawl pins.

We are currently working on adding in buttons and toggles to our range.  We sell our products through craft fairs and on-line in our Etsy shop.

We are also happy to fulfil customised orders, the latest one being jumbo weaving sticks.
Thank You for looking.