Sunday, 26 August 2012

Out and about

Blaze Farm by SuejayR

We had another great time at The Wool Experience, at Blaze farm.
This year the weather was kind and gave me a great excuse to have two scoops of their delicious ice-cream. I'm slowly working my way through their flavours which will take some time, as they introduce new flavours problem!

This year we had more items for sale on our stall as Rob has been developing his interest in spindles and has produced some Navajo spindles that come with their own stand.  Really useful for when you need to store them somewhere. He's also been playing with buttons...a lot!  I've been dyeing some of them to match the fibre in the Knit a felted bag kits that I have developed. We're hoping to put some of these items for sale in our Etsy shop, but just need to find something to pack Navajo spindles in first!

I enjoyed showing a few more folks how to spindle and some trainer kits and spindles were sold, so there are more new spinners out there. I also noticed a bit of spindling going on by himself.  It's a favourite event of ours.

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