Wednesday, 28 March 2012

Not spring cleaning

I have to keep telling myself it's not summer yet but anyway as I'm enjoying the sunshine I'm happy and don't care what season it's supposed to be.
Currently panicking a little as we've signed up for a craft fair in April and were expecting to do our first one in July.  So...mad production mode in the wood and wool departments then. Lots of fleece washing and combing and the  (Ta!  Da!) completed drumcarder is coming into it's own.  I'm running low on favourite dyes and frantic evening knitting is the norm. Rob's into new spindle designing and putting kits together. Just hope that this weather holds so at least I can dry all the fluff.
Also, sons number 1 and 2 are back from their various jobs/Unis for Easter, so that's spring then isn't it. And I'm out at various demos in April and hoping to see some lambs.
As you can see, I will not be spring cleaning.  I think that may happen in the summer when the official rainy, cold and grey summer weather eventually arrives. No, really I am an optimist!

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